I think a big part of why I read way more fanfiction than books is that there’s just a hell of a lot less exposition

the first 10 pages of most books are always “these are the main characters and here’s some background on each of them and this is the setting etc etc” and it’s such a fucking hassle getting to the plot sometimes

fanfic is just like “fuck it you know all of this already let’s go”


Sake drinking dates back to the samurai period where common people used to drink sake in a Shinto ritual to form a bond with the deities. This was always done in a group where it is thought that this sharing of sake ritual united people and created a bond of friendship between them with God as the helper. (x


From this day, you guys won't forget his name.
TRACK NAME: 13 - Hide the porn!
ALBUM TITLE: Shouri E no Kiseki
ARTIST: Seirin Side


Audio clip - Shouri E no Kiseki, Seirin Side (1st evening) - 13 - Hide the porn! (Hyuuga, Izuki, Koganei, Riko)

Source: video and my translation

Koganei discovers some porn accidentally got packed and brought along, and enlists Hyuuga and Izuki’s help before Riko discovers them.  They almost get away with it, too… ^_^

(Missed previous translations/audio clips?  Here’s the masterlist.)

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Kuroo Tetsurou: Nakamura Yuuichi (中村悠一)
Kozume Kenma: Kaji Yuuki (梶裕貴)
Yaku Morisuke: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)